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Hospital Discharge Planners: A Great Help During a Rough Time

Hospitalizations Turn Life Upside Down

Hospitalization can be a scary and traumatizing experience for any patient and their family. Being sick, enduring unfamiliar caregivers, food and sleeping arrangements, outside of the comfort of your home can be depressing in itself.  It is also not unusual for families and patients to learn, sometimes just before discharge, they will be less independent after discharge than they were before their hospitalization.  These unexpected new circumstances can put patients and their families on an emotional roller coaster.   Through this difficulty, the hospital discharge planner can be a strong advocate for a speedy, smooth and safe transition home to to a post-acute rehabilitation facility.

Discharge Planners Are a Great Resources

Developing a good relationship and open communication with your hospital discharge planner early in your admission can facilitate a forward-focused and hopeful mindset. Discharge planners are usually either a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Master Degreed Social Worker (MSW) who has special training and experience in supporting safe  and efficient transitions to the next level of care after discharge. Discharge planners are experts in providing resources, information and literature on services and facilities you will need as you discharge from the hospital.  To access your Discharge Planner, ask your nurse to connect you to him or her.

Continued Healing at Home

Most people are anxious to get home as soon as possible from their hospitalization. If you need continued skilled nursing services, physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy after discharge, home health services can be ordered by the hospital doctor. Home health care is covered 100% by most insurances, including Medicare. A discharge planner can work with you to help assist you in recommending a home health agency that is a good fit for you in regard to where you live and what your medical needs are.  Good discharge planning involves passing on critical clinical information such as medicine list, medical equipment and therapy needs to the home health agency or rehab facility. Studies have found that re-hospitalizations are prevented with good discharge planning. Everyone wants to avoid that!

BiosHealth Can Help

At BiosHealth we pride ourselves in having over a decade long working relationship with all the hospitals in the Northeast Oklahoma and Tulsa metro and their incredible teams of case managers and discharge planners. If you have any questions or concerns about post hospital care for yourself or a family member please feel free to call us to speak with one of our friendly staff members at (918) 358-2483.

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