Home Health

Home health is prescribed when a person has had a recent inpatient stay at a hospital, rehabilitation or skilled nursing facility.

Home health can also benefit those who have had recent medication changes and are in need of education related to potential side effects and monitored to ensure the medication is effective. For someone who has shown a decline in overall physical functioning, physical and/or occupational therapy provided in the home, we can assist that person in regaining their independence. Since home health services are considered medical care, it is covered by medical insurance (including Medicare, Medicare Advantage Programs or Medicaid) and private insurance.

Home Health Services

BiosHealth offers high-quality home health support from a compassionate team of expert caregivers.
For more on home health, contact:
Melanie Pelayo Director of Clinical Services
  • 918-358-2483 (office)
  • 539-238-5318 (cell)

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